Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've started weight loss plans a couple of times before and while I usually did okay with them starting out, something would always come up to get in the way of my progress. I know lots of people who have had that same problem. In fact, for many, the physical requirements of eating better and getting exercise are not that hard - the mental aspect is the real progress killer in many instances.

When we started on all this business of loosing weight earlier in the week, we noticed that we were already doing a number of things that were taking us in the right direction toward fulfilling our goals. For me, that was a huge motivator to take the next step and move forward towards making real, meaningful gains. Here's just a few that really helped me to realize I could do more and the way they motivated me.
  • Eating healthy foods - We were buying and eating healthy things: whole grain breads and pastas, fruits, veggies, salad makings, low fat milk and cheese, super lean beef products, chicken, fish.
    • Motivator - We didn't have to change our diet, just the amounts we were eating.
  • Active lifestyle - When you have a baby, you can't help but be just a bit more active. You get up earlier, you move around more, you're constantly standing/holding/bouncing/rocking/singing/lifting with an extra 13 lbs in your arms and still have to move something else like groceries.
    • Motivator - It meant that getting more exercise in was easier than I thought; that you can count those calories burned towards you goal.
  • Mutual support - I didn't have to join a gym, get a personal trainer, or spend money on professional help. I had the support I needed right in my own home with a wife that I know loves me and will be honest with me.
    • Motivator - My wife doesn't sugar coat the obvious - I'm fat and out of shape. Yet, when she says it, I don't take offense because I'm secure, knowing she love me for who I am regardless. She just wants me to be better and always pushing towards a larger goal. It was never a judgment; it was a shot in the arm to keep going.
So, if you find that you need a little motivation, look to discover what you may already be doing to help get you going on the right path. And remind yourself that every little thing counts. Playing with a child counts as exercise just like jogging - though they may not be of the same quality, give yourself credit for what already do.

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