Friday, February 29, 2008

My Side of the Story

Well, I guess I should add my two cents to this blog. For me it was stepping on the scale and seeing how bad it really was. Grant is so motivating because he comes home so excited about how well he has done and it becomes addicting trying to compete. (We are NOT a competitive couple or anything!!)

For me the biggest motivation is realizing that I am winded after doing little things with Sam and I realized I need to change my life so we as a family can enjoy life. I want to be alive when she turns 20 or even maybe has kids of her own. But for now I just don't want to be tired when we go out to play. So I decided it was time for me to take control.

The first thing I did was let Grant do all the research and make the money (because it is a little more expensive to eat healthy {imagine that good foods cost extra money}, but worth it for health reasons), I scape goat out of the hard stuff, and then we together implemented it. I have a little note pad by our food scale and so it is easy to write down everything I eat. Then we tally it at night, but I always have an idea of where I am throughout the day so I know if I can have a fruit over a veggie snack since they seem to have more calories, duh they are sweet and anything sweet means more to the waistline.

It was motivating to me that the first day I lost 2 lbs, now I know that some of that is water weight and some is just the toxins that were in my body, but I continue to loose everyday and that is what is important and motivating. (even if it is by 0.2 lbs)

Well I am sure this is long enough for now, but hope that we can motivate others to join us. Thanks to those who made it seem possible by starting first (Allie, Jarom, Linds, Leroy, etc!) and being the examples.

For now we are setting goals for six months and if we reach those then we get our prizes. Mine is dropping 4 pant sizes and if I do (and if it is before six months) I get to get the Vinyl Cutter Machine to start my own business. Grant can share his goals and prizes with you.

If you want to compete with us let us know.


Jeff Ann Ehre & Benjamin said...

Congrats ! I am proud of you guys and your goals. And keeping a blog should help since you know owe it to us as well to loose the weight. I keep on instigating a diet and I can do that the exercise is sooo hard when all I want to be is out side, and its freezing cold so we stay indoors. But I'll take your suggestions and impove! Good Luck!

Grant Gardner said...

Truth be told, that's probably a good description of how it really happened. But, this is the kicker - she actually does what I asked her to do. I asked her to log what she eats and how much and I would take care of the rest of the book keeping. And she does.

Very few people do keep track of what's eaten, so even that small change to build awareness can really help.

Andrea said...

i'm with ya! jarom is my inspiration too! i have lost 11 pounds since the beginning of the year, exercising and counting calories, and becoming great friends with the food scale. it definately works. i have lots of great recipes if you want them. thanks for starting a blog. i have been feeling a little discouraged and i'm all re-inspired now!