Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back on Track

Well after a not so good weekend, not bad just not good, we are recommitted to getting back on track. We started measuring everything, when you don't it is too easy to estimate your amount of calories which only gets you in trouble until you are disciplined enough to control the portion sizes.

It was beautiful out here in OK, 65+, so we were able to fit a walk in between feeding, pumping, and naps. It was so fun to be outside and Sam loved that the wind blew through her feet. That made it easy for me to continue to want to be outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be even better weather, so break out the sunblock we are heading outdoors for our exercise these few days before it gets to hot and humid that we don't want to be out there.

It has been way before getting pregnant that I really worked out hard and so I started walking and after 9 minutes I was ready to be done, but kept pushing through (I have found that if I get past 15 minutes I usually can go a good 40+) past my first 15 minutes and ended up getting about a 30 minute work out. Which for me was good, going from unloading boxes to straight workout for 30 minutes was a big change and I will probably feel it tomorrow, but even more reason for me to get my butt back outside.

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