Monday, March 24, 2008

Emotional Eating

Well you heard about our crazy week. Thank heavens for Chocolate or I may have killed someone. ha ha......but it also made me realize how much of an emotional shopper and eater I am. So now I am recommitting and getting back on track. I have realized that this has to be a life change and that I can't just splurge when life gets rough or there is a holiday, etc. I need to gain this power to be able to say yes I can have a girl scout cookie, but I don't need the whole freakin box.

However, we are back on the path to loosing and we want to hear from you if you have decided to join us on this journey.

I heard on the news today a tip that made my mind go well duh. The lady said you can eat 2 cups of grapes for 1/3 a cup of Raisins, which are you going to pick. Well duh the grapes cause your mind sees that as eating more. They will also fill you up more because of the liquid and the fiber they have. Not that raisins don't have fiber, but they don't contain all the water the grapes do and will feel less full. So remember you can eat what you want, just count your calories and fill up on those that are less caloric before you eat what you want. So for example you may want Spaghetti, but the noodles are very caloric so you will have a salad, some broccoli, and maybe some veggie soup and then eat the spaghetti.

Watch those calories and you will watch those pounds shed away! Doesn't that sound like an infomercial?

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