Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Best Life

Recently, some of you may have been watching the Oprah special series on making your life the best it can be starting this year. So have I and in some ways its made re-evaluate my life's direction yet again. Yes, you read the name of the author of this post correctly - that would be me, Grant, the guy. Locally, we have a station that rebroadcasts the Oprah show at around 9:00pm and Stacie has been (perhaps cunningly so) making sure that its on when I'm in the room. So, honey, if you were trying to send me a message, it arrived. ;)

But, back to the best life and re-evaluating. The longer my life goes, the more I am coming to understand what is meant by building line-upon-line. Everytime I start to get things in order, something else unravels (this blog being the perfect example). Just when I was really getting into the habit of posting and doing well life kinda fell apart in some other aspects and I was forced to re-balance my time and priorities. The result? I'm back up in weight almost 15 pounds from where I was. That puts me with a total loss for 2008 of like 7 pounds. So, a gain, but not much of one. Part of the year, I feel I was living my best life. Part not so much. So, welcome back to me and to you.

Last year a lot of my posts and my focus were on getting my life healthy. This year will be no different in terms of health, but it will be different in terms of focus. This year is about peace. Happiness can sometimes be transitory, but I believe that peace is eternal and when we have it, we can keep it. I have not been at peace with my own health recently and I've started to change that. The thing that will remain the same - I will still be using calorie counting as my "diet" methodology and I'm going back to the strictest sense by weighing out everything I eat that doesn't come in pre-determined sizes. My exercise will be changing however.

Last year, I started on a quest for 100 consecutive pushups and running a 5K. Those got off track when I figured out I had a sinus infection and the pushups where giving me seriously bad headaches when performed for too long. The 5K went better but was still not completed. I got up to about 2 miles before "seasonal sickness" set in (AKA Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). These were intended to give me a functional base from which I was going to start practicing Parkour. If you have no idea what that is, a simple Google or YouTube search should end all misunderstanding. ;)

Why Parkour? Because I feel it is the physical expression of my own mental directive. I am inherently a problem-solver. It's why I gravitated to the career I did, it's why I attach myself to projects I enjoy, it's why I hardly ever pay full price for anything, it's part of why I am me. Parkour has a philosophy in much the way martial arts do - a set of guiding priciples that provide both framework and boundary for the practice. That philosophy is about overcoming obstacles, of finding a creative way to make a path and thinking outside the standard and established ways of moving through this world.


Andrea said...

i did have to google it, and I love the parkour in casino royale. i don't know if that's real parkour or not, but it's cool! glad to have you back on health blogging scene!

Grant Gardner said...

Some of the realism (like climbing a huge crane) is a little off, but the idea is the same. Its about getting away from or getting to someplace as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Parkour developed out of a combination of gymnastics and military evasion techniques. Those who practice are only "doing" parkour when they are trying to move between two points as efficiently as possible. Otherwise, you're just training.