Thursday, January 15, 2009

Training Journal

Just a quick update - one of the recommended things I've always seen but never been very good at is keeping a workout or training journal. This can help you gauge performance and determine where you can improve or where you may need to pull back and not push so hard.

For right now, my training will consist of a warm-up workout put together by the APK (the American Parkour group over at A series of body weight squats, pushups, pullups, and agility drills designed to get you warmed up, but I will be using them to actually start training and forming the baseline for getting fit.

Right now, as I'm just getting started I will be working the warm-up drill three times a week. And as Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not the easiest to work out in, it will be Monday, Thursday, Saturday.

When I do a journal entry, it will probably not be too "insightful" - mostly just a log of what I did, how long it took, and how I felt afterwards. But hopefully, it can serve to inspire others to do their own training journals. Look for my first entry after today's session.

PS - This one's for Andrea, but if anyone else is interested, a quick documentary by the "founding" member of a NYC women's parkour group. As parkour had mostly attracted a following of guys, Ann in NYC decided to change some things and start her own jam session with a couple of other ladies from the New York area.

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