Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What were we thinking???

Well I was down 15 lbs when Christmas came. I did good to make it through thanksgiving but Christmas candy is my downfall. I gained almost 8 of this 15 back and now am slowly getting back on track now most of the candy is gone. We have made some major adjustments to our eating and are seeing the results and feeling the energy. One thing we decided is to try to have one to two veggies with dinner which fills you up and so you eat less of whatever else you are eating. This really seems to help me.

Now it is time to really commit to the exercise part of getting healthy.


Andrea said...

way to be honest! Good thing you started out good for Christmas because you're still ahead! I love to make veggie soups because I don't always love to make veggies or eat them, but I love a good warm soup in winter and I only have to prepare it once and then I have it all week. I needed the reminder to eat veggies...thanks!

Grant Gardner said...

You could try our veg-all soup recipe. 1 can of veg-all or mixed vegetables, 1 can of cream of potato, 1 can of cream of celery, milk as needed to adjust thickness/thinness desired.

Heat and add salt and pepper to taste. Yummy!

Gram Pam said...

Good for you guys! The older you get, the harder it is! So do it now!
I tried really hard in Jan and lost only 4 pounds. Was bunned until I decided that losing weight in the winter is HARD! So decided to celebrate 4 pounds! Its a start! Eat less, eat better, move more! How hard can it be?? Keep smiling!
Love ya.

Gram Pam said...

I forgot to tell you! I know how you feel about after holiday goodies. I threw away a WHOLE chocolate pie after Christmas cause I knew who would eat it. It was hard, but better in the trash than on my butt! Next year, just throw the junk away after the holiday is over! It will make starting over so much easier and you will be proud of yourself!