Monday, May 12, 2008

Quaker Rice Cakes [SnackAttack]

I know - this is not so much a snack attack as it is a snack "slide along side and politely ask". Rice cakes are the old stand by of just about every diet that exists. These things are mostly air, but after the weekend we had, I can barely afford the calorie content of air.

So, in an effort to do due diligence to the full range of snacks we give you:

Quaker Rice Cakes - Carmel flavor
Serving Size:
1 cake

This is one of the snacks I remember from my youth. For some reason, we always had these in the house - probably because my mother always was trying to keep us a little healthier - and these made a sweet snack. I find I've been using these in the same way as gum. Sweet treat with a couple of glasses of water and you feel full while taking care of the snack craving as these are not very filling on their own.

The one real advantage of these is the small calorie count - they're crunchy and sweet and cost practically nothing on the calorie count, which for me will be a real lifesaver this week. I guess when you combine mother's day, a birthday, and a sleepover with lots of left-over goodies, it can really impact the waistline.

Toodle-loo, happy Monday and happy healthy!

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