Thursday, May 1, 2008

Serving Size Sweetness

Another simple trick to help you make sure you're only eating a serving size at a time is to measure out, up front, the entire box/package/sack/container into smaller, serving-sized ones. We found that it's much easier to count calories if you keep thing directly related to the serving size listed on the packaging.

Most of our snacks run about 120-140 calories per serving - round those up to an even 150 and the math gets pretty easy (and you build in that little fudge factor that helps make up for stumbles during the day).

When we buy a new box of Cheezits or trail mix, we pull out the digital food scale, a handful of ziplocks and go to work measuring the listed serving size in grams, then plopping that into the ziplock baggie. The nice thing is that since most all of our snacks are dry, it's easy to shake out and reuse the baggies for the next snack mix we buy.

I would guess that a standard sized box of Cheezits takes about 8 minutes to measure out the entire box into the baggies. Then, we load the baggies back into the box (as best we can) and have a simple way to reference what the calories are and a way to store them. A little more work up front, but makes it so much easier to grab-and-go when you need to snack on the run.

Whew! Two tips for the price of one today...course, I'm not charging you so who's counting?

Happy healthy and good night!

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