Monday, June 9, 2008

You're On!!

Well I have two who are participating in the competition! We are exercising 6 days a week 40+ minutes a day. Each of us own Turbo Jam so we are doing that, unless an alteration needs to take place. MWF I will be doing cardio and TTHS I will do Weights. This has definitely motivated me. I also spent last week really watching what I ate and have now got a good handle on that and am continuing to move forward with that this week. I will add a ticker for each week so I can keep track. I will also track weight and eating. More to come. You can still join in as we just started today. ANYONE?????


Jeff Ann Ehre & Benjamin said...

Ok I want to start counting calories too but I don't know where to start and how do I found out how much I need, and how much everything is ? You and Andrea have the upper hand here!

Grant Gardner said...

Well, if you want a pretty though primer, I recommend reading the Ultimate Weight Loss Guide over at Go to that page and click Nutritional Articles at the top of the page and scroll till you find the Guide. This was what started me going.

I'll post a very condensed version later on tonight.

Andrea said...

how's it going Stace? I am so tired from getting up early! But this is seriously the best motivation I've ever had! Are you guys for sure coming up for the 4th? I don't want to get too excited if you're not sure. I told Jarom and he was super excited!