Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Habits

Starting last Tuesday, Stacie and Sammie headed back to Utah to visit family. I followed on Thursday. While staying with them, I was intrigued and horrified to find out that as soon as I was back in a familiar environment (one where I used to overeat) I reverted back to old habits. Sugar, candy, high carb, high calories, and just generally not following my old eating style. Add to that the many "celebration" meals from various nation-wide chain restaurants and the whole thing was threating to get completely out of control.

Well last night I made it back home and the habits came with me. Those Girl Scout cookies in the freezer? Yep, nailed 'em! And I didn't really even want them, but I ate them out of habit. I was so disappointed with myself that I purposely packed a smaller lunch to compensate for all the damage I probably did over the weekend.

Now I've been thinking a little bit more and I think I've found another reason why it was so easy to get started on a good diet. The answer: everything was new. We owned a new house, I had a new job, we lived in a new state with a new child. No habits to break because everything was suddenly new. And so it became very easy to create our new eating habits.

I guess what all of this is leading up to is to give some more encouragement to everyone who is out there trying to live a healthier life. There are habits that have to be broken and new habits that have to be set. And that takes time, especially when the only thing that is changing is you. So, if you keep finding that your fitness and weight loss goals are tough to keep, don't quit. Just keep pressing forward and eventually you'll gain the self-control you need.

Remember that new skills are only found through practice.

Happy Monday - if such a thing exists ;) - and happy healthy!

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