Friday, April 11, 2008

The Latest Exciting Ring at our Doorbell

If it would have woken Sam I wouldn't have even cared because my package that I have been anxiously waiting on has shown up!!! This is our new best friend Chalene. I saw this on an infomercial and new I would do it as much as I used to do Cindy Crawford's video, if not more. So here we go on adding more exercise into the routine to help us shed the pounds. We started last night with the Learn & Burn. It pretty much kicked my butt and made me realize how out of shape I am and that I need to say " Get thee hence Satan" way more often!


Ann-Marie said...

I've wanted that forever...let me know if you think it's worth it

Andrea said...

It's time to Paaarty! Yea!!! Turbo Jam!!! It was a little tricky for me at the beginning and our remote still is half broken to this day because I threw it because I couldn't get one of the moves...oops,so don't get frustrated. how many did you order?

Grant Gardner said...

@Ann-Marie - from my side of things, any kind of exercise is worth it. Anything that motivates you to get going and keep going is worth it. Thus far, having only done one nights worth with Stacie, I like it. It's frustrating because I studied some martial arts as well and her moves (as shown) go against what I've already learned in the past. But, I found near the end of that first session that I could modify them to fit me better. We'll let you know more as we go.

@Andrea - Frustration is definitely a part of it! I can't believe how hard it was to get some of those dang moves. The row kills me every time. Just can't seem to get the coordination down.