Monday, April 7, 2008

Post-Conference Musings

You know you've managed to make good on your lifestyle change if you find yourself thinking about it at the oddest times. As many of our readers will know, this past weekend was the April General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which we are members. And during the conference, listing to different leaders and speakers, I actually found a way to help motivate myself to be better about how I eat.

For some reason, I was really picking up on the many references to overcoming temptation and forgiving yourself of past, corrected mistakes and found myself thinking, "Yeah, I can totally relate to that - it's just like walking past the freezer knowing those Girl Scout cookies are in there and not eating them."

There were so many references to Christ's experience after fasting for 40 days and being tempted. Now, there never entered my mind the connection of "fasting" and weight loss. What did occur to me was when it was stated that Christ overcame these temptations not because he was the Son of God, but because he was being perfectly obedient. The really interesting part came when I realized that I could receive more blessings and a greater abundance of the Spirit by being obedient to my diet - because getting my body in better shape shows that I am treating it as a temple and the Lord will bless me for it.

So, there's another motivator to add to your list. Have trials? Feeling down? Need extra help? Be obedient to the Word of Wisdom and the Lord will bless you. Man, now I'll never be able too look at those Girl Scout cookies again. Just think - I'll be at Sam's Club next year with the Girl Scouts you think that Sam's Club would revoke my membership if I told a little girl "Get thee behind me Satan"?

Maybe it would be better if I told them that "man does not live by Girl Scout cookies alone".

Cheers, happy Thursday, and happy healthy!


Andrea said...

hahaha! you made me laugh out loud about the get thee behind me satan. oh you're good...keep it comin! you're a very good motivational speaker.

Grant Gardner said...

Are you suggesting a change of vocation then? Just think, I could be the next Tony Robbins! Oh wait, not I couldn't. You see, I have this thing about not taking money from people for stuff I'd give away for free anyway. Oh well, guess the world will have to move on without my face on late night infomercial TV. Drat! There's another life goal down the drain.