Monday, April 14, 2008

Introducing the SnackAttack

Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce a new category of blog posts here at Healthy Happiness. To help give you ideas about what to snack on, I'll be adding a weekly post detailing a snack we really like that's not going to break the calorie bank. If you find yourself craving a snack, you can pop in and see what we've been eating. Just click on the label SnackAttack for a list of all the posts.

Today's SnackAttack: Cheerios Snack Mix, original flavor.
Serving size: 35 grams
Calories: 130

Trust me, 35 grams of this is huge - way more filling than you'd imagine and more than that, it has great season taste. Regular and multi-grain Cheerios cereal, pretzel twists, bread sticks, and Chex cereal with a zesty seasoning that really hits the "salty" spot on my tongue. This is my current favorite snack. I will reach for this even over the indulgent trail mix with white chocolate chips, but that's a subject for another SnackAttack.

Snacks? ATTACK!

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